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24. November 2020

The Inevitable – Epic Orchestra & Choir Performance

As composers we’ve been working with Divisimate in our personal templates a lot in the last months, and they expanded and evolved over time.

Here’s a recording of Peter playing his little composition “The Inevitable” live with his Nuendo-Template:

You can download all the Divisimate presets used in the video (numbered in order of appearance) here:

To use these presets, your template needs to have the instruments receiving MIDI from the right ports and channels, so the orchestrations actually end up the same.

Instrument Layout

Port 1: Piccolo
Port 2: Flute 1
Port 3: Flute 2 / Alto Flute
Port 4: Oboe 1
Port 5: Oboe 2
Port 6: English Horn
Port 7: Clarinet in Bb 1
Port 8: Clarinet in Bb 2
Port 9: Bass Clarinet
Port 10: Bassoon 1
Port 11: Bassoon 2
Port 12: Contrabassoon
Port 13: Horn in F 1+2
Port 14: Horn in F 3
Port 15: Horn in F 4
Port 16: Horn in F 5+6
Port 17: Trumpet in Bb 1
Port 18: Trumpet in Bb 2
Port 19: Trumpet in Bb 3
Port 20: Trumpet in Bb 4

Port 21: Tenor Trombone 1+2
Port 22: Tenor Trombone 3
Port 23: Bass Trombone 1+2
Port 24 Ch. 1: Timpani
Port 24 Ch. 2: Celesta
Port 25 Ch. 1: Tuba + Bass Trombone 3 + Piano
Port 25 Ch. 8: Harp
Port 26 Ch. 1: Choir Women Oceania
Port 26 Ch. 2: Choir Women Voxos Phrasebuilder
Port 26 Ch. 3: Choir Women Soundiron Venus Vowels
Port 27 Ch. 1: Choir Men Oceania
Port 27 Ch. 2: Choir Men Voxos Phrasebuilder
Port 27 Ch. 3: Choir Men Soundiron Venus Vowels
Port 28: Violin 1
Port 29: Violin 2
Port 30: Violas
Port 31: Celli
Port 32: Double Basses

To incoporate this large amount of different instrumental colors, Peter is using the MIDI channels to address more than 32 individual tracks distinctly. This method is explained in-depth in our Cubase-workflow video and article:

Within this video, additionally some of the tricks explained in our last infinite brass video breakdown were mentioned. So check that one out if you want to know more.

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