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Sometimes the really new ideas come from necessity. This whole thing started because we were looking for a solution to a problem that kept slowing us down in our work as composers. We, at that point that were Peter and Steffen, developed a concept for a tool to improve our own personal workflow, not knowing if it could actually be realized or make any sense at all.

Our history.

When we met Benedikt on an album production he was just starting out as a programmer and after a couple of talks the three of us decided to try and develop the idea as a custom tool. Once the first prototypes started to actually work, we realized that we had something else in our hands. The amount of time we were saving on arrangements and parts we would have to perform separately otherwise was, to say the least, huge! 

Soon we were actually working towards making this tool available to everyone, which meant we had a lot of cleaning up to do. And now here we are, over two years after our first “somebody has to create this sort of thing”. Since the release, both the software and the team have continued to grow, and we are looking forward to the future.

Peter Gromer

Founder | Product Developer | Composer

Peter is best known as a composer for TV and film. He has worked on numerous projects for both big and small screen. Aside from his work as composer he has been teaching jazz improvisation and film scoring as a professor at University of Arts Bern since 2011.

Steffen Brinkmann

Founder | Product Developer | Composer

Steffen has been composing music for over a decade now, contributing music to video games, films and other stuff. Developing virtual instruments has become a passion for him while working with the (awesome) people at Sonuscore. He served as project lead on the The Orchestra, sparking his interest for specialized workflow concepts.

Benedikt Sailer

C++ Developer | Engineer

Before he decided to focus on software development, Bene has worked in all sorts of different positions in music production. As a developer he has been involved in a number of different projects, ranging from audio software for professional sound studios to programs for interactive installations.

Jonas Vogler

Product Specialist | Composer

Jonas works as a composer for film and television. He is well versed in orchestral writing and jazz composition, as well as electronic music production. In our team he is contributing in the areas of quality assurance and customer support.

Open the door to a whole new workflow

Divisimate is available as a standalone software for Mac and PC. The remote control app for iPad and iPhone can be downloaded for free from the app store.

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