How it works

Divisimate Micro runs as an instrument plugin in your DAW. It splits up incoming MIDI notes into a set number of voices and sends each part to a different virtual MIDI port.

These ports can then be selected as inputs on other instrument tracks. This allows Divisimate Micro to address different instruments individually.

The Divisi Engine

Select the number of voices you want to perform and and split up chords into individual musical notes. 

Choose from three different Divisi Modes that change the way notes are distributed across the voices.


Every voice can be assigned to any of the four ports in the routing matrix.

You can also define a melody and a lower bass range on your keyboard which can be routed without being affected by the divisi engine.  Midi CCs and Pitch Wheel will be mirrored to all active ports.


Instead of sending the received parts unchanged, you can use plugins to transpose them or even generate new messages.

  • Transposer
  • Trigger

With the Transposer you can transpose notes multiple semitones or octaves up or down.

Many virtual instruments change articulations using keswitches. The Trigger plugin can send specific notes or controllers to your instrument when a preset is loaded.


Build your own personal workflow with Divisiamte Micro. You can use up to four instances side by side in the same project. While each set of ports can only be used by one instance, the Nextmidi Hub allows you to create 16 Divisimate Ports.


Divisimate Micro is fully MPE compatible. Any CC and Pitch data associated with a specific note will be automatically routed to the right ports with that note. The instruments only receive regular MIDI with only their part. 

This way Divisimate Micro essentially makes any virtual instrument MPE compatible.

Open the door to a whole new workflow

Divisimate Micro has been developed for Windows 10 and above and MacOS 10.11 and above. It runs native on Apple Silicon and is available in AAX, VST and AU formats.

The system requirements heavily depend on the number of instruments played at the same time with Divisimate Micro – we recommend at least Quad Core processor.

$49 | 49€

*subject to VAT depending on your country


Divisimate Micro

These are the host applications we have tested in combination with the plugin. If your software is not mentioned here, please reach out to us on the Support Page.