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No, Divisimate is just a control software that allows you to use virtual instruments more efficiently with a performance-based approach. There are no sounds or libraries or DAW software included, and you will need both to get the most out of Divisimate.

The teaser video featured Peter’s personal orchestral template which he built to work with Divisimate. It features a mixture of libraries by Audiomodeling, Aaron Venture, Samplemodeling, Spitfire, Embertone, Garritan and Orchestral Tools.

We made a video dissecting the strings sound from Teaser A, and a walkthrough of a similar orchestral Template.

Okay, this is not so much a frequently asked question but an offer:

We want to improve Divisimate and are very open to your ideas. Whatever is feasible to implement and requested by enough people will go on our list for future updates.

Send us your feedback on

We developed and tested the Software on Windows 10 and can not give a recommendation for any lower version of Windows.

While it can be installed and runs on earlier versions, we use some components specific to Windows 10 to improve the performance of the software. This can impact the performance of Divisimate depending on your system and setup and lead to errors and unintended delays in the engine.

You can install Divisimate on as many devices as you like and by default your Divisimate license can be activated on 2 devices at a time. If you want to use it on a third machine, there is a simple “Deactivate license” button in Divisimate which allows you to quickly deactivate your license on one machine and activate on another. This process works essentially in real time, all you need for the activation/deactivation process is an internet connection, and then it is just a few clicks within Divisimate.

As of version 1.3 Divisimate includes basic support for MPE input.

At the moment it only supports Lower Zone MPE, with the Global Channel 1.

As MPE is a very specialized technology and different controllers can work in different ways, feel free to reach out, ask for a trial version of Divisimate and give it a try with the controller of your choice.


We use Fastspring to provide you with a safe and easy checkout method. After purchase you should receive an e-mail with a download link on Fastspring’s servers and your personal license key.

If for some reason the download link is not visible to you in your mail program, click on “manage my orders” to find the link in the browser version of Fastspring.

Yes! If you are a teacher or a student you can contact us at

Send us proof of your enrolment status (like a copy of your student/teacher ID or enrolment certificate) and we’ll provide you with a single-use 35% off coupon for our shop.

Note that this discount is not combinable with any other discounts on Divisimate that may be going on at the time.

Shoot us a message to and we’ll see what we can do!

Yes, we do!

If you are looking to equip multiple workstations in your company or institution with Divisimate, contact us at

There is no publicly available trial, but if you want to check out Divisimate before you make your purchase you can contact us and provide you with additional information and a time limited personal test version.

DAW Setup

We have tested Divisimate with a number of different DAWs.

It works fine in Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Digital Performer and ProTools. Generally it is not dependent on any other software – as long as your DAW of choice can select and record separate MIDI inputs for separate instruments, you should be fine.

Logic Pro is fully compatible with Divisimate on Version 10.7 and higher. Logic Pro 10.6 and earlier can only utilize 16 ports with a special workaround.

Ableton Live works fine, however on Mac it does seem to add additional MIDI latency depending on your audio buffer size.

Divisimate is a standalone application – it is independent from your DAW and essentially serves as an “interpreter” to your midi controllers.

Make sure you have all routed instrument tracks record enabled. It can be useful to set up a folder or track grouping for that.

Logic Pro 10.6 and earlier is not able to distinguish between different Input Devices while recording MIDI.
The only way to record multiple instrument tracks with different contents at once is by splitting them up by MIDI Channel.

Since there are only 16 MIDI Channels available, Logic Pro 10.6 is limited to 16 simultaneous tracks while multitrack recording MIDI data.

The Logic Mode automatically converts the first 16 ports to MIDI Channels, to allow easier setup in Logic.

Newer versions of Logic starting at 10.7 fully support 32 simultaneous Divisimate ports.

With the Loopback Port it is possible to send MIDI from within your DAW (or other Software) into Divisimate.

Divisimate will treat this input the same way as any other data coming from a MIDI controller, so you can have Divisimate interpret prerecorded performances.

You can check out our tutorial video on using the loopback port in Cubase to get an idea how that works.


This is an issue that can be caused by Windows Defender under rare circumstances. Try disabling all parts of Windows Defender and then put in your license key again. If the problem persists, shoot us a message via the support form!

First of all make sure that you have selected your MIDI Controller as an input on the settings page in Divisimate.

On Windows, USB-MIDI Devices can only be used by one application at a time. So make sure that your DAW or any other MIDI Software you might use does not use your controller as an active input.

To still use the controller in the conventional way you can use Divisimate as a kind of MIDI-merger and use the bypass function.

Or you can use the Divisimate Loopback Port to send MIDI from your DAW into Divisimate.

First check if you are using a DAW where MIDI Devices need to be added separately (e.g. Studio One), and see if you maybe missed one of the ports. In rare cases on Windows the installation may fail to create all ports correctly. A complete deinstall and reinstall of Divisimate usually fixes this issue.

On MacOS, the Ports only exist when Divisimate is open. For DAWs that do not support plug&play for MIDI devices, make sure to start Divisimate before opening the DAW so the ports can be recognized.


DivisiControl establishes the connection via network. Make sure that your mobile and you main computer are connected to the same network. Also make sure, that Divisimate has all the necessary permissions to have network access.

If you are using and iPad or an iPhone with the app, make sure that iOS is updated the most recent version.

Close the app completely(!) and then freshly start the app.
For iPads made before 2018: double tap the Home button to open the app switcher. For iPads after 2018:
Swipe right or left to scroll through recently used apps and find the app you’re looking to close.
Press and hold the app window, then swipe up (without lifting your finger off the screen) to send it off the screen.

Relaunch the app after that.

Yes, you can!

The iOS App is available for both iPad and iPhone – and there are different Android versions for Phones and Tablets available.


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We want to keep improving and building upon the original concept of Divisimate with regular updates.

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