Divisi Plugin


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Until May 28

Four Voices. Infinite Possibilities.

Play Chords

Split your chords into voices in real time with our acclaimed Divisi Engine.

Get Creative

Transpose parts and build playable voicings for your virtual instruments.

Record Parts

Record the resulting parts right into your DAW on the instrument tracks.

The Setup

Divisimate Micro runs as a Plugin in your DAW and connects to 4 virtual MIDI Ports. These ports can then be used as inputs for individual instruments.

This way four distinct parts are created from the original MIDI.

Build Your Personal Workflow

Connect with Cubase Nuendo Studio One Reaper Pro Tools Ableton Live Logic Pro Digital Performer Camelot Pro Mainstage Bitwig LUNA

Divisimate Micro is compatible with most commonly used DAWs.



Divisimate Micro supports MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) input and splits it up along with the voices.

This allows you to play any set of instruments as an ensemble with your MPE controller .

An Entry Point

to our World

Divisimate Micro is the small version of our flagship orchestration tool Divisimate.
Get a taste of this new way of working at an affordable price and limited complexity –
And upgrade to the big brother at a reduced price.