SWAM Big Band Template

Instantly playable jazz ensemble with modeled instruments

Create powerful jazz arrangements with this template using SWAM instruments by Audio Modeling.

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Off the Charts

The SWAM Big Band provides the realistic sound of an actual ensemble by creating sections from individual instruments.

2 Alto Sax, 2 Tenor Sax, 1 Baritone Sax

4 Trumpets

4 Trombones

Piano, Bass, Drums

The Instruments

The template uses instruments from the SWAM Saxophones, SWAM Trombones and SWAM Trumpets.

Visit our friends at Audio Modeling to learn more about these innovative instruments.

The Performance

The template offers a set of ready-to-go orchestrations conveniently laid out on your perform page. Explore 100 different curated presets on a pre-arranged perform page layout.

Big Band Core

Essential playable instrumentations using different mutes, color combinations and standard voicing techniques.

Unparalleled Control

Every detail of the SWAM instruments can be customized.  We tailored all instrument settings and mappings towards ensemble playing with Divisimate.

The presets for this template include Trigger plugins with pre-mapped switches for different effects and mute changes.

Setting the Stage

To place the instruments all in the same room as one ensemble we used EAReverb 2 by EAReckon as a reverb plugin.

If you do not own EAReverb 2, you can replace it with the reverb of your choice – it will sound a bit different though.

The Performances

The template offers two sets of ready-to-go orchestrations conveniently laid out on your perform page. Explore 200 different instrument combinations and playable voicings on a pre-arranged perform page layout.

Orchestral Core

Basic playable orchestrations separating and cominbing the different families and sections of the orchestra.

Orchestral Voicings

Colorful orchestrations that create chords and voicings out of single melodies using the transposer plugin.

See it in Action

Watch Our Video Walkthrough of the Template:

Downloads & Instructions

Choose Your DAW

Looking for the legacy version using SWAM v2? Here you go.

Open the door to a whole new workflow

Divisimate is available as a standalone orchestration software for music creators. Compose, orchestrate and record all instruments at once in your DAW.

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