20. May 2020

[Video Tutorial] Working with the Loopback Port in Cubase Pro

Working with the Loopback Port in Cubase

Do you have to be a good keyboard player to use Divisimate?

This is a question that we have often been asked, especially by beginners who want to learn and experiment with orchestration with Divisimate. Performing multiple virtual instruments at once in realistic orchestrations is a lot of fun and we love doing it – which is why we showed a lot of live performances in the past. But since the very first update, Divisimate also allows a simple workflow to use MIDI from other applications as an input for Divisimate. This creates the possibility to send notes and controllers from your DAW into Divisimate and record the resulting orchestration within the same project. In this new video we show you how to set this up in Cubase Pro and explore some of the possibilities of experimenting with orchestration with a few simple clicks.

Watch the Video:

Advanced Ways of Using the Loopback

The video of course only shows the most basic way of working with the loopback port. But the same principle of course allows you to modify, generate or create MIDI from scratch in the piano roll.

On the Loopback control track you can use MIDI insert plugins like arpeggiators, chord generators or the like to create inspiring new ideas and have them instantly sent through Divisimate to be spread across instruments.

Since anything happening on the Loopback control track will be sent to Divisimate, you can also just drag and drop MIDI recorded or created somewhere else onto it and orchestrate it. So you could sketch out your ideas with an ensemble patch and then spread the voices onto your single instrument tracks.

It’s also possible to set up expression maps on the control track to switch Divisimate Presets using the MIDI Remote (Program Changes or CC31).

So there are a lot of different options, the loopback track could improve your personal workflow for orchestration, and surely other people will find even more different uses for it.

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