30. June 2020

[Video Tutorial] Using a Loopback Track in 5 DAWs

How does the Loopback Track work in different Software?

In the last video tutorial we showed a way of working in Cubase that allowed you to send prerecorded and edited MIDI notes from Cubase to Divisimate and record the resulting orchestration within the same Cubase project. Now we wanted to share how this or similar methods can be applied in other DAWs.

Since there are a lot of DAWs out there, we have focused on the most requested DAWs of the past: Reaper, Logic Pro, Studio One, Ableton Live and Pro Tools.

In some of these, the setup is so simple that it is hardly worth to even talk about it – but sometimes it can also be helpful to see just how simple something really is. So here we go – setting up the loopback track in 5 different DAWs – in one video:

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