Universal Orchestral Template

Downloads & Instructions

Studio One

1. Download Project File & Performances

The first step of course is to download the universal orchestral template for Studio One and the performances. Save the project file and performances to a location of your choice.

2. Import Performances to Divisimate

Open Divisimate and navigate to the “Perform” Tab. Open the menu on the upper left and click on “Manage”.

In the Performance Manager you can now import a performance including all of its presets. Click on “Import…” at the bottom right, navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded files and select the first downloaded *.dpfe file.

Repeat this process for any other Performances that you wish to use in Divisimate.

Now you can load your Performance of choice and use all included presets in Divisimate.

3. Preparing the DAW Project

Open the file Universal Orchestral Template.song in Studio One.

You will find individual instrument tracks for every instrument that are receiving MIDI from the correct Divisimate Ports.

If you have worked with Studio One and Divisimate before, it may be possible that you need to reconnect the MIDI ports and re-select the Divisimate ports 01 through 32 as inputs for the tracks in the template. If you save the template now somewhere, you won’t have to go through this process again, when you want to use the template the next time.

All of these MIDI tracks have no instruments assigned yet, so in order to produce sound, virtual instruments have to be added. Add one virtual instrument for each of the tracks in the project and assign the MIDI tracks to these instruments.

Follow the naming of the tracks as you do this, so on the “Piccolo” Track assign a piccolo flute instrument, on “Flute 1” a solo flute and so on. Make sure that you use solo instruments for the woodwinds and brass, to achieve a more realistic ensemble sound.

4. Record & Play

Now record enable all the instrument tracks, load a preset from one of the dedicated Performances and start playing!

You can now customize the template to your needs – the only thing that is important are the input routings and instrument assignments of the 32 instrument tracks. You can create folders, to group routings, or add more tracks to the project to work with them in bypass mode and of course mix adjust all the mix to your needs.

Use the presets from the imported performance to play the instruments in your new template – and of course feel free to build your own.

This template is only a starting point for your journey with Divisimate.

Learn more about working with Divisimate in Studio One in our Quickstart Guide.


In Studio One the Divisimate Ports need to be manually added as input devices. If you have not done that yet, refer to our quickstart document to see how that is done. There is some room for error there, as the name of the “keyboard” needs to be put in manually. This way it is possible that you may have named your Ports slightly differently than they were named in the template.

In this case you have two options:

1. Simply reconnect the individual tracks to the Divisimate Ports using your naming scheme (simply starting at the Piccolo at Port 01 and going all the way down to the Basses with Port 32).

2. Adjust the names of your Input Devices to fit the naming of “Divisimate Port 01” to “Divisimate Port 32”. After you have done that, close Studio One without saving the template, and open it again. If this does not solve it, go for option 1.

Since keyswitches are very different between different brands of virtual instruments, this template does not offer dedicated keyswitch-triggers or ranges.

You can however modify your the presets from the template to use keyswitches with the instruments of you choice.

Check out this article to learn more.

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