18. November 2021

The Universal Orchestral Template for Divisimate

Today we are happy to announce the release of a new free resource: The Universal Orchestral Template for Divisimate.

This is a collection of simple pre-routed DAW projects that can be filled with any virtual instruments to create a full symphonic orchestra. The projects themselves are not that spectacular, but it provides you with a simple, set layout of instruments that makes it possible to get a head-start with Divisimate.

In the Universal Orchestral Core Performance we have prepared 100 essential orchestrations to work with this template. Ranging from simple sections to full tutti orchestrations, the presets are already arranged on the perform page by families and sections, ready to be imported and used instantly.

You can download this template for 6 major DAWs for free – and if you use a different DAW, there is a simple guide how to set up the template yourself and still use the performance.

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