5. March 2020

The SWAM Big Band Template

We are happy to announce that our SWAM Big Band templates are now available for download from our Templates Page!

Apart from orchestral writing, Jazz arranging was the main use for us as composers back when Divisimate was just our own custom software. While writing Big Band charts is a complex undertaking that requires a lot of knowledge and harmonic understanding, the most essential and most common uses of the sections can be performed extremely quickly with Divisimate. So this Big Band template has become our go-to option whenever we needed that large big band sound in our work – especially when we needed it quickly.

With the versatile SWAM instruments by Audio Modeling a realistic playable Big Band could be achieved quickly and with all the flexibility you could ask for.

This template only uses 16 of the 32 Divisimate ports, so it is identical through all DAWs, including Logic. The environment settings and setup in Logic are already done and saved with the template.

This template features SWAM Saxophones, Trumpets and Trombones, with EAReverb 2 for positioning. But after all you can always load your own instruments and reverbs and use the template and orchestration presets as a starting point.

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