26. March 2020

The 1.1 Update

 Over the last few months we have received a lot of amazing feedback from our users. We have been working to improve Divisimate, starting at the main limitations and most regular requests, which led us to writing an almost entirely new codebase. This allows us to do things that were not possible in the original architecture now and down the line – but of course this update also brings a bunch of exciting new features!

The Logic Mode

The limitations of Logic Pro while working with Divisimate have been a major concern for us – and while we can not change the 16-port limit (that’s just the amount of MIDI channels there is), we could make it easier to set up. The new Logic mode removes the need for complicated workarounds in the environment and makes it much easier to introduce Divisimate to existing projects.


Full Changelog

  • New Feature: “Logic Mode” (see video tutorial)
  • New Feature: Port Property window with channel selection (click on a Port number to change the MIDI channel and even change the port number of the row)
  • New Feature: Plugin Drag&Drop (click&drag to move a plugin on the orchestrate page, alt+click&drag to create a duplicate)
  • New Feature: Preset Drag&Drop onto Perform View (drag a preset file from the finder/explorer onto the perform page to quickly assign it to a pad)
  • Fixed: Improved scroll behavior on the perform page
  • Fixed: Improved interface contrast & readability, fancy new keyboard look
  • New Feature: Instrument names of inactive ports are greyed out on the Orchestrate page
  • New Feature: Instrument names of inactive ports are no longer shown on the Perform page
  • New Feature: Divisimate closing dialogue now has a “Do not show again” option
  • Fixed: Trigger Plugin now ranges across the full MIDI note range
  • New Feature: Added “Do not show again”-checkbox to Divisimate closing dialogue
  • Fixed: MIDI CC31 Remote Control for Perform Page was adjusted, so Pad numbers respond exactly to the CC values (previously 0-99, now 1-100)
  • New Feature: MIDI Remote Control for Perform Page now also reacts to Program Change 1-100
  • Preset Compatibility: We have changed the core format of Plugin Presets (which were originally a stand-in for copy&paste function). This means that presets saved for plugins in earlier versions are not compatible with Divisimate 1.1. Of course your old orchestration presets and your perform page can be loaded in 1.1 just as before.
  • Activation Number: Every user now can activate Divisimate on two machines simultaneously.


Download the Update

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