Bespoke Orchestration with the Synchron Prime Edition

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In cooperation with VSL we have created this template for Divisimate and the Synchron Prime Edition. It is available as a free download for multiple DAWs and includes over 250 inspiring playable orchestrations for Divisimate.

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In this finely curated collection, Vienna Symphonic Library has compiled the essence of their acclaimed Synchron Series.

It includes the most common instruments of the symphonic orchestra with all essential articulations, including true legato – all in their extremely flexible Synchron Player.

It is a truly comprehensive all-in-one orchestral library.



We carefully balanced and pre-routed the different instruments in the template. Short articulations respond to key velocity, while long articulations respond to the modwheel (CC1).


All instrument articulations have been standardized to be switched in the lowest octave of an 88-key piano. This way all instruments react to the same keyswitchs and can all be changed all at once while playing.

The trigger plugin allows to recall exact articulations on loading a preset in Divisimate.


Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, a selection of Percussions and Harp can be addressed directly through Divisimate.

Hear it in action:

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Multiple sets of ready-to-go orchestrations conveniently laid out on your perform page. Explore over 200 different instrument combinations on pre-arranged perform page layouts.

Prime Core

Basic playable orchestrations separating and cominbing the different families and sections of the orchestra.

Prime Voicings

Colorful orchestrations that create chords and voicings out of single melodies using the transposer plugin.

Prime Inspiration Vol. 1-3

Expansive arrangements designed to play complete passages of a composition - including rhythms, voicings and ranges.

Downloads & Instructions

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Not available for your DAW? Build it yourself.

Can I use this template with the full Synchron Collections?

Yes! Download our specifically tailored version to get all the features and orchestrations of the Synchron Prime Template for the full collections.

Open the door to a whole new workflow

Divisimate is available as a standalone orchestration software for music creators. Compose, orchestrate and record all instruments at once in your DAW.

$199 | 175€ | 155£

subject to VAT depending on your country

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Port 1: Piccolo

Port 2: Flute 1

Port 3: Flute 2 / Alto Flute

Port 4: Oboe 1

Port 5: Oboe 2

Port 6: English Horn

Port 7: Clarinet in Bb 1

Port 8: Clarinet in Bb 2

Port 9: Bass Clarinet

Port 10: Bassoon 1

Port 11: Bassoon 2

Port 12: Contrabassoon

Port 13: Horn in F 1

Port 14: Horn in F 2

Port 15: Horn in F 3

Port 16: Horn in F 4

Port 17: Trumpet in Bb 1

Port 18: Trumpet in Bb 2

Port 19: Trumpet in Bb 3

Port 20: Trumpet in Bb 4

Port 21: Tenor Trombone 1

Port 22: Tenor Trombone 2

Port 23: Tenor Trombone 3

Port 24: Bass Trombone

Port 25: Tuba

Port 26: Perc I*

Port 27: Perc II*

Port 28: Violin 1

Port 29: Violin 2

Port 30: Violas

Port 31: Cellos

Port 32: Double Basses


*Perc I & II can be keyswitched between Timpani, Harp, Piano, Celesta, Glockenspiel, Xylophone and Tubular Bells