Synchron Prime Template

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Build Your Own Template

The Template is not available for your DAW?

If you are using a different DAW that is not covered by the project files we offer, you can easily build the template yourself and still have all the advantages.

The main time-saving thing about it are the Performances with dozens of orchestrations made specifically for the VSL Synchron Prime Edition.

The template was designed to provide a ready-made routing and instrument layout for the Synchron Prime Edition – but there is no special magic going on there. All the balancing and setup takes place within the Synchron Player. With the right instrument presets you can easily recreate it in your DAW of choice.

1. Installing Instruments

The template was designed for the use with virtual instruments by Vienna Symphonic Library. In order for them to work as intended, licenses and installations of the following libraries are required.

Synchron Prime Edition

The Synchron Prime Edition is a comprehensive selection of orchestral instruments recorded at the renowned Synchron Stage Vienna.

There is a free 30-day trial available for this library.

Vienna Soft Imperial

To include a piano in the template, we used the Soft Imperial, a  free piano instrument available for Synchron Player.

This library is available for free at

2. Download Preset Files & Performances

The first step of course is to download the Synchron presets and Divisimate Performances needed for the template. Click the button below to start the download:

The downloaded file is compressed as a zip-archive. Unpack the archive and save its contents to a safe place to use them in the next steps.

3. Prepare Divisimate

Import Performances

Open Divisimate and navigate to the “Perform” Tab. Open the menu on the upper left and click on “Manage”.

In the Performance Manager you can now import a performance including all of its presets. Click on “Import…” at the bottom right, navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded files and select the first downloaded *.dpfe file.

Repeat this process for any other Performances that you wish to use in Divisimate.

Now you can load your Performance of choice and use all included presets in Divisimate.

Optional: Import Trigger Plugin Presets

In the download there is also a folder named “Divsimate Plugin Presets” with two presets for the Trigger plugin.

Open Divisimate and in the preset menu click “Manage” (Cmd+M / Ctrl+M). This will open up the folder containing all presets and user settings for Divisimate. Navigate to the plugins folder, create a subfolder “Trigger”, and within that a subfolder “Presets”. If you previously saved Trigger presets yourself, this folder will already exist.

Copy the content’s of the downloaded folder in this directory. After this you will be able access the presets in the preset menu of the trigger plugin.

4. Preparing the DAW Project

Next open your DAW of choice and create a new project. This will be the project in which you recreate the template routings.

This process will be a bit different in every software. Refer to our quickstart guides for different DAWs to understand the process of your specific DAW.

Create 32 individual tracks for virtual instruments in your project. Each of these tracks will need to be set to receive MIDI from a different Divisimate Port. Here’s the layout of track names, instruments and Divisimate port assignments you need to recreate:

Divisimate Port 1: Piccolo

Divisimate Port 2: Flute 1

Divisimate Port 3: Flute 2

Divisimate Port 4: Oboe 1

Divisimate Port 5: Oboe 2

Divisimate Port 6: English Horn

Divisimate Port 7: Clarinet 1

Divisimate Port 8: Clarinet 2

Divisimate Port 9: Bass Clarinet

Divisimate Port 10: Bassoon 1

Divisimate Port 11: Bassoon 2

Divisimate Port 12: Contrabassoon

Divisimate Port 13: Horn 1

Divisimate Port 14: Horn 2

Divisimate Port 15: Horn 3

Divisimate Port 16: Horn 4

Divisimate Port 17: Trumpet 1

Divisimate Port 18: Trumpet 2

Divisimate Port 19: Trumpet 3

Divisimate Port 20: Trumpet 4

Divisimate Port 21: Tenor Trombone 1

Divisimate Port 22: Tenor Trombone 2

Divisimate Port 23: Tenor Trombone 3

Divisimate Port 24: Bass Trombone

Divisimate Port 25: Tuba

Divisimate Port 26: Percussion 1

Divisimate Port 27: Percussion 2

Divisimate Port 28: 1st Violin

Divisimate Port 29: 2nd Violin

Divisimate Port 30: Violas

Divisimate Port 31: Cellos

Divisimate Port 32: Double Basses

5. Loading the Instruments

Now you have all of the instrument tracks routed and correctly named, but they still do not contain any instruments.

We prepared instrument-presets for all of the VSL Synchron Prime instruments we have in our templates. You can download them by clicking on the following button: extract the presets and save them to your User Presets folder (which can be specified in the Vienna Synchron Player, go to the settings window and head to the Database tab).

Insert Vienna Synchron Player onto all of your tracks and load the appropriate preset for each track, you will find the presets in the “User” section of the preset browser.

Now there are just some global mixing settings left to made:

  • Set all faders of the Woodwind and Percussion sections to 0dB.
  • Set all faders of the Brass and String sections to -3dB.
  • Create an FX return bus with a reverb of your choice and route a send from every track to this bus. The appropriate send amount will depend on your reverb and also your taste, in most DAWs we liked an amount somewhere between -9dB and -6dB.
  • Where possible, we grouped the sections (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings) and assigned each group a VCA fader or a group bus, but that’s only for convenience, so it’s entirely up to you if you want to do the same.

Finally when all tracks have instruments loaded, you can record enable all the tracks in your DAW, load one of the presets from the dedicated performances in Divisimate and start making music.

Have fun playing, composing and exploring the orchestrations we prepared for you!

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