Getting Started with Divisimate in

Ableton Live

Quickstart Ableton Live

In this tutorial we will go through the steps to send the individual notes of 4-note chords to four different instruments in Ableton Live.

1) Open a session in Live and switch to the Arrangement View by clicking the icon in the upper right corner or by pressing [TAB].

2) Delete the two default audio tracks (if you don’t plan to use them) and create 3 more MIDI tracks.

3) Insert Divisimate Micro from the Plug-Ins Category on the first track. You should now see Divisimate Micro with a default 4 by 4 routing in a plugin window. Choose your keyboard controller as input device for this track. This step is necessary to avoid feedback loops!


4) Insert a virtual instrument of your choice on each of the following tracks. Set the midi-input of the first of those four tracks from All Ins to Divismate Port 01, the following track’s midi input to Divisimate Port 02 and so on.

Record enable all tracks.


5) Now you can play the four instruments with Divisimate and record the result in Ableton Live!

Important Settings


If the Divisimate Ports are not displayed in the input selection menu of your tracks make sure that the ports are enabled for tracks in the preferences.