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Getting Started with Divisimate in



In this tutorial we will go through the steps to send the individual notes 4-note chords to four different instruments in MainStage, and also provide a quick way to set up all 32 Divisimate ports in Mainstage.


Setup Divisimate

1) Open Divisimate before you open MainStage (the virtual midi ports are only available when Divisimate is running).

2) Manually activate 4 voices in the lower part of the GUI above the keyboard by clicking on ‘4’ and connect the 4 voices to the first 4 Out-Ports on the left by clicking in the matrix.

Alternatively you can load the factory preset “4vc – 4 parts” on the perform page.

3) Make sure that your MIDI input device is activated in the settings.

Setup MainStage

To use Divisimate with MainStage, you have to create MIDI devices for each Divisimate Port in the layout window. You can do this manually for as many Divisimate ports as you need, and design your layout as you like. This is especially useful if you have a larger setup and only want to incoporate Divisimate partially.

If you want to get started quickly, you can also take a shortcut and use a layout with all 32 ports that we prepared for you.

Manual Setup

1) Open a new Concert – you can use the keyboard minimalist preset, or any other simple template.

2) Go to the layout tab and delete everything in the layout manager all elements of the layout to start with a completely empty setup.


3) Now create a new screen control that can utilize a MIDI Input. We choose to use the MIDI Activity widget here, as it takes up only very little space, and we will need multiple of them.

4) Now with this element selected go to the screen control inspector on the left and under “MIDI Port” select “Divisimate Port 01”

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3, and choose Divisimate Port 02, 03 and 04 respectively.

5) Head over to the “Edit” view and on the right add four software instruments. You can load the instruments of your choice in the channel strips.

6) Select the channel strip and in the channel strip inspector go to the tab “MIDI Input”. Under “Keyboard” you can now choose from the four Divisimate Ports that you set up. Choose Port 1 for the first instrument, Port 2 for the second one, and so on.

7) Now those four instruments react to one Divisimate Port each and you can play those four voices through Divisimate. You can add more Divisimate Ports to your layout with the same method and build complex orchestrations in Divisimate. Have fun orchestrating and performing!

Shortcut Setup

Since the manual process can be unnecessarily long for creating all 32 Divisimate ports, we have done this work for you. You can download our layout file for you to import into your project here:


The layout is compressed in a *.zip-Archive. Make sure you unzip the file in the finder before you try to import it.


1) Open a new Concert – you can use the keyboard minimalist preset, or any other simple template.

2) Go to the layout page and on the top right of the layout window open the menu and choose “Import Layout”.

3) In the “Import Layout” Menu choose the layout file you just downloaded above.

4) This will import a layout with 32 prepared Divisimate port set up as devices, looking like this:

5) Now you can head over to the “Edit” tab and just create any number of instruments. For each Instrument Channel Strip you can now select one of the 32 Divisimate Ports as an input.

6) Any Instrument Channel Strips you set up this way can now pbe played through Divisimate. You can now build complex orchestrations in Divisimate. Have fun orchestrating and performing!


Important Settings

Since MainStage has all instruments always listening to MIDI Ports, the Bypass function will lead to all instruments set up with Divisimate Ports playing at once. This can get pretty loud, and also be a strain on your machine. So use this function with caution!


Open the door to a whole new workflow

Divisimate is available as a standalone software for Mac and PC. The remote control app “DivisiControl” is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (Phone & Tablet)

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