28. April 2020

[Video Tutorial] Get Started with Divisimate in Cubase

Get Started with Divisimate and Cubase Pro

We’ve been asked a lot to make step-by-step setup videos for Divisimate starting from scratch, so here is one for Cubase Pro. Steffen walks you through the process of setting up a SWAM String Quartet in this video and creating first presets to perform the different parts of a little composition.

All of the things shown in this video can be done the same way for any other kind of ensemble and combination of instruments, but to keep it simple the tutorial is just showing the setup for four instruments.

Watch the Video:

 The initial setup of Divisimate can be challenging for some users, since it can depend a lot on your specific setup. If you use any additional MIDI middleware, mergers or modifiers at the same time as Divisimate, the setup may differ a bit from the one in the video.

Windows and USB MIDI Devices

As a windows user the most important thing to know in that case would be, that many USB MIDI Devices can only be used as an input by one application at a time. So if you are using a USB keyboard in Cubase, it is possible that it can not be activated in Divisimate at the same time and needs to be deactivated in Cubase.
That is true for every other MIDI application and is out of our control, since it is due to the way USB MIDI drivers work on Windows.
So when you set up Divisimate with USB MIDI devices and want to use your controller in multiple different ways, you need to think about the signal flow carefully.
The bypass function in Divisimate was built partly for this reason:
When set to bypass, Divisimate will pass through all note and controller Data to all Divisimate ports. This way you can use the Divisimate functionality if you need it, and set it to bypass to use it as a simple passthrough to your DAW tracks.

Full disclosure: There is some additional EQ and room adjustments on the final audio of this video, so it’s not exactly the out of the box sound with just reverb and panning – but the effect is very small, and in the end the sound is not the focus of this video anyways.

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