13. October 2020

Divisimate 1.2.1 Released

We’re happy to announce a new minor update to Divisimate.

Apart from a couple of important bug fixes, we introduce a couple of cosmetic features that will help users work with Divisimate. And also we worked on some visual things that have been on our to-do list for way too long.

Full Changelog:

New: Voice buttons and routings will now be highlighted if they are playing
New: If no MIDI Device is activated as an input, there is now an overlay message to make you aware of that fact

Fixed: Using two MIDI input devices in bypass mode no longer lead to hanging or dropped notes
Fixed: Conflict cases in Bottom Up & Top Down mode no longer lead to repeated note tremolos
Fixed: Divisi Mode bubble is now always displaying the correct mode after changing presets
Fixed: If multiple voices are routed to the same port duplicates of controller data are no longer transmitted
Fixed: Trigger Plugin will now display CC information correctly after loading a plugin preset

Improved: Stability for scrolling behavior on perform page
Improved: Error prompts for activation now offer solutions to the most common problems
Improved: Look and feel of popup dialogues has been unified and improved
Improved: Some changes to the activation system to introduce new features in the future

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