17. April 2020

Minor Update 1.1.1

The release of the major 1.1 update was largely a success – however we did receive some reports from users about some issues. Some of these only cause problems on specific systems or within a particular workflow, so not everyone will need this update right away. But if one of these things bothered you while working with Divisimate, this update is for you.

We are working on more significant improvements and new features right now, but we wanted to get these fixes out there quickly for the affected users.

Changelog 1.1.1

  • Fixed: A pad on the perform page will be displayed as active when a preset is assigned
  • Fixed: In bypass mode note-off messages will no longer be affected by the Analysis Time
  • Fixed: Preset change will no longer be prevented by undetected notes
  • Fixed: Orchestrate page will no longer be blocked by undetected notes
  • Fixed: On Windows Divisimate will now throw an alert when an input device is already in use by another application and could not be activated.

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