Audio Modeling Bundles

Unleash the power of physical modeling and realtime orchestration.

When we started developing Divisimate as a personal tool, we did it because we wanted to perform ensembles of some of the most expressive solo instruments on the market. So the SWAM instruments by Audio Modeling were a big part why we wanted to create this software.

That’s why we are super excited to be partnering with Audio Modeling and offering SWAM instruments and Divisimate bundled at an incredible price:

SWAM Solo Strings + Divisimate: $390 ($550)
SWAM Solo Woodwinds + Divisimate: $780 ($949)
SWAM ALL-IN + Divisimate: $1030 ($1199)

Bundles are available in the Audio Modeling store starting February 3rd until March 16th!

An Easy Starting Point

You asked us whether we were going to release dedicated templates for Divisimate. The answer is: Yes!

With the release of the bundles we are releasing multiple DAW templates and Divisimate presets to provide an easier starting point to users of SWAM instruments and Divisimate.

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