27. May 2024

Big Band with Divisimate Micro – Free Project Download & Breakdown

What kind of ensemble can you build with Divisimate Micro?

One of the advantages of this smaller plugin is the granular control you get when you set up multiple instances of it to control different sets of instruments. Using three instances of Divisimate Micro, Peter has built a full playable Big Band where Trumpets, Saxophones and Trombones each have their own instance of Divisimate Micro.

While each section can be played individually just by record enabling the right tracks, you can also just

That’s what he did in his short live performance that opens our latest video – and then we dive in and break down how exactly he pulled it off.

Here’s the video:


Project Download

You can download the Cubase/Nuendo project file from the video here:

When you first open this project and don’t hear anything go into the Audio Connections and make sure your interface is selected as output.
Keep in mind that to open this project and play it back successfully you need to have the following plugins installed:
SWAM Saxophones
SWAM Trumpets
SWAM Trombones
EaReverb 2
Spectrasonics Trillian

On top of that there are some additional plugins on the master bus:

UAD API 2500

soothe 2



That’s it, we hope you’ll find this interesting!


Divisimate Micro

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