9. August 2023

Join the Divisimate Discord Server!

What you’ll find on the Divisimate Discord server 

  • A friendly space to chat and engage with other composers and producers using Divisimate

  • A place to discuss tips and tricks where you can learn from others how to improve your Divisimate workflow

  • A channel to share and discuss suggestions to improve Divisimate in the future

  • Insights on where we are at in terms of development and the opportunity of becoming a beta tester

We hope this community space will become an inspiring hub for interesting discussions on music, producing, and all the wonderful things we can do with the help of Divisimate. We are looking forward to getting to know our community, and we truly hope you’ll consider joining us there!

Connect with other musicians, composers, and producers using Divisimate

As our the number of Divisimate users grows, we realize more and more people would like to connect to talk about working with Divisimate, learn from each other’s workflow, and share their own custom templates and presets. For quite some time, we’ve been thinking about what would be the best way to provide this.

We finally settled on starting a new Discord server! This server is a space where we invite new and experienced users alike to share their experiences, ask questions, and discover each other’s work.

If you’ve never used Discord before, here’s a guide that should help you get started.

See you there!

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