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Realtime Orchestration

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Divisi Engine

Split your performance into its musical voices and send them each to separate
tracks in your sequencer.

Live Orchestration

Perform and record virtual ensembles with detailed voicings and orchestrations directly in your DAW – in one take.

Full Control

Transpose parts, change articulations, dial in human imperfections and create multilayered arrangements.

Connect with

Divisimate is a standalone application that can be used side-by-side with a wide variety of DAWs.

Build your personal workflow

  • Connect your DAW template with Divisimate and record your orchestration on individual tracks
  • Stay flexible and integrate Divisimate into your personal workflow seamlessly
  • Keep your favorite orchestrations at hand and switch presets in the middle of a performance

Open the door to a whole new workflow

Divisimate is available as a standalone software for Mac and PC. The remote control app “DivisiControl” is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (Phone & Tablet)


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