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17. March 2022

Finally: Full Logic 10.7 Compatibility!

Time to celebrate! The Logic Pro 10.7.3 offers full compatibility with Divisimate!


The Problem

The workflow with Divisimate and Logic has been a rocky ride at first. Logic 10.6 and earlier versions could not record individual MIDI inputs on different tracks, and therefore requiring complicated workarounds in the environment to work in a way that was entirely easy in other DAWs.

The Logic Mode was introduced to Divisimate solely to allow a more comfortable way to use at least 16 Ports at once.

But then everything changed – Logic 10.7 was released, and there was a whole new input section for each track. Now every Track could simply receive and record a specific MIDI Port, and even a specific channel in a very comfortable way. But there was still one big issue: A new bug now prohibited the live playback of more than 18 tracks. You could route, activate and record all 32 ports at once – but you would only hear the first 18 tracks. This is of course not how it is supposed to be.

The Resolution

This week Logic 10.7.3 was released, finally fixing this 18 track playback limitation. In our tests we could play full 32 track templates based on the Universal Orchestral Template without problems, and even our bigger SWAM Orchestral Template was performing flawlessly. This is amazing news for every Divisimate and Logic User!

To celebrate this milestone for Divisimate, we are offering a 15% discount on Divisimate for one week, starting on March 17, ending on March 24! If you are a Logic User who wanted to get started with Divisimate, but you were hesitant because of the compatibility: Now is the time.

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